Monday, 2 December 2013

Something very special

The following post is dedicated to my lovely bhaiyyas: Farman and Faizan.


I know I am not as late as before this time but even if I was I think you guys will immediately forget all about it because of what I am about to show you. Like the title says I am about to share something VERY VERY special with you guys. 

So, on 5th Nov somewhere around 7:00 A.M. I was going to the kitchen to have some water when I saw orange-ish hues outside. The curtains at our flat in Kyiv were see through so it was easy to guess that sky is posing for me. I ran back inside and got my camera and here I was casually clicking away the mesmerizing clouds and sky:

And then this appeared. I didn't know I was about to experience THE MOST beautiful sight I have EVER seen. SubhanAllah.

From here on onwards I am not going to say or write anything, you guys just enjoy what I did =)

Wasn't that beautiful? MashaAllah. I have never seen a sunrise before and this was my first. It was just too gorgeous to put into words and ofcourse even the camera didn't capture half of what I actually saw :') And it felt right that I share it with you guys. I tweeted about it too waise:

I hope you guys liked it :') 

Until next time. Ciao!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

On the roads of Kyiv

Asalamualikum (now that I am back in desi land) Bewafa Readers!

YES BEWAFA!!! I asked about your opinion here and except Farman (ofcourse!) nobody bothered to reply??? How rude!!!

Anyway, I am back now and I know how much you guys have been missing me and my awesome posts, even if you don't say it. So, my only commentor aka Farman said ke first I should wrap up my memories of Kyiv before I finally post my flight pictures so that is exactly what I am going to do.

Why I took so long to write a post? Well.. I spent my last days in Kyiv awaragardiying around and ofcourse, I got carried away with photos. I tell you 36 roll wala zamana was much better.. limited photos and QUALITY photos! Also, there were last minute dawats and plans since you know we were leaving (against my wishes may I add.. AGAIN!) -_-

I'll have you know it took me a GREAT deal of time to sort out and editing these photos. I haven't unpacked properly, my sleeping schedule is all messed up, my classes have started and not the mention the guests have been REALLY kind as to grace us with their company, all the time everytime. No no, that is NOT a complain -_- (Reasons why I haven't posted anything after my sad and against the wishes return!)

Tau where did I leave off? Ahan, zoo park! Zoo park ke ek do din baad Chotay Bhaiyya and I went to a fun-land type place. You know arcade games, air hockey, bowling stuff like that. Waise tau there is a famous aqua park there lekin we couldn't go because you HAVE to change into a swim suit to go inside and well, obviously THAT wasn't happening :P Besides, I wasn't even interested in taaring nangay putangay log esp. with Bhai around :-/ Khair tau I didn't take much pictures there except these: because 1. I didn't take my camera and 2. Bhai and I were having too much fun!!! Hahahaha! Even more than the kids around. I took a few with my phone entrance ki:

YEP! Halloween Mania!!! Jis din Halloween tha I asked Baray Bhaiyya if we can go out (zahir hai I wanted pictures no other reason) lekin he said log talli ho k nikle hotay hain and they tease foreigners. I said tau chalo koi mask wask pehan k nikalte hain unko kaise pata chalay ga k local hain ya foreigners and Bhai gave me his "You are a crazy lunatic" look. I was like whaaaaaattt it makes total sense =P Tau well, baat ye thi ke us waqt mere yani ke humare Abba Jee ki costumes ki dukaan nai khuli thi =D LOL! Itnay mai humare Chotay Bhaiyya ne suggestion dia that I should just wear smeared lipstick, roll my eyes and I'll be good to go -_-

Well.. these are good enough. So, bhai and I spent a crazy evening at the arcade. The one I went to in Donetsk was bigger and better than this one but phir bhi humne koi kasar nai chori. Wahan pe you play to win tickets (Bhai ne Deal No Deal khel khel ke meri jaan azaab kar di!) and then you can pick a gift of your choice in return for those (Yes, just like Sheldon in the last episode of TBBT =P ) I got these for myself and we also got a kiddie Toy Story watch.

I totally love my watch okay?

Apparently, I love me too! Why shouldn't I? I am awesome! =^_^=
We were supposed to go on the "tour" of Kyiv too that night but we actually spent quite a bit of time at the arcade much to the dismay of our Baray Bhaiyya. "Bachay ho tum log?", he said angrily on the phone. Humne kaha JESSS and then ROFLed =D

Don't worry. I didn't miss the tour of Kyiv. Well, not exactly. Two days later we did go lekin Chotay Bhaiyya ne us din apne itnay ziada plans bana liye k delay hotay hotay hum shaam k waqt niklay (which is 4.30pm jab maghrib ho jaati thi) even though plan dopehar ka tha.

Ye hai jee ... actually I am not sure what the name of this mall is exactly. I read it as Ocean Plaza - English wala. Sasha (our driver) calls it Okeean or Okan Plaza. If you read it Russian it should be pronounced as Ooseean Plaza. So whichever one is your favorite you can call it that =D This is a recent addition in Kyiv and I tell you it's GRAND!!! I loved the blue light show and look of it in general. Jab bhi hum isay cross karte thay mai kehti thi ruko yaar picture leni hai.. it was so beautiful. I didn't get a chance to see much from inside though bara hi itna tha and we didn't have much time =(

Independence Square
If you want you can read more about Independence Square here. It mentions Khreshchatyk Street.. on the weekends traffic is stopped on that street in the evening and people just walk and take a stroll sight seeing and stuff. We did too on the last visit and I remember it was COLD =D

All above are on the roads of Kyiv city center. City center actually mai inka pichli visit pe pura ghoomi thi. Too bad I didn't have a decent camera then because even THAT visit was at night -_-

From the car

Walk above

Rainbow Monument

 Isn't this tree beautiful? Can you guess the reason behind the black and white? =D

On our walk back

OKAY.. this place was NEW and TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Sabse pehle tau mere Chotay Bhaiyya ko daad deni chahiye ke he actually took me tp the top on MY WHEELCHAIR. Sure there were ramps lekin it was soooo steep even the ramps ke I actually told him ke chor do nai jatay. But he was determined haanpta kaanpta pohancha ke hi chora :') And it was worth the effort don't you agree?

Waise they also had "dodging cars" but wohi we didn't have the time. There was another super cool ride but agar mai baith jaati tau 6 mahinon tak mujhe migraine hota rehta -_- There were also, ofcourse, alot of couples getting chummy (I mean yeah I get it it's a nice view). The point is woh ek spot (which is usually perfect) pe chipak k kharay ho jatay hain phir banda picture kaise le hain? Oh and more about the Rainbow Monument here.

Hyatt bhi hai.. suna hai it's kaafi grand
 Yes, I know it's blurred. Sasha was in a hurry I suppose. Even though he knew I was taking pictures par majaal hai koi seedhi pace pe chala de!

Cerk - Bolay tau jahan circus hota
 Is baar we didn't see the circus but I have twice before so I don't think I missed much. So, kaisa laga night time in Kyiv? =D

Until next time. Ciao!